System and additional statuses, names and colors

There are 7 system statuses in the logbook:

- Recorded : this status is assigned by default to all new entries;

- Under maintenance : visual status, does not have any built-in functionality;

- Completed : plays the role of visual status, and also participates in calculating salaries ;

- Waiting for prepayment : this status is received by records from which users are expected to receive prepayment . In case of successful payment, the status changes to "Recorded". If the option " Autocancel " is available in the service and there is no payment within the specified time period, the entry is transferred to the "Canceled" status with the comment "Autocancel";

- Canceled : records receive status either during manual installation or when the "Auto Cancel" option is enabled. Auto cancellation is triggered if there is no payment or if there is no confirmation of the reservation by the administrator;

- Awaiting confirmation : the status is set to records when the option " Advance booking ". The administrator must manually transfer the entry to one of the permanent statuses (for example, "Recorded" or "Canceled"). If the "Autocancel" option is available and the administrator does not transfer the status, the entry is automatically transferred to the "Canceled" status;

- Added to cart : this status is received by entries previously added to cart , but not designed by the client.

Each of the system statuses can be renamed and color changed, but you should take into account the peculiarities of their work. < / p>

Additionally, it is possible to create your own static statuses and colors in the system.

Changing names, colors and adding new statuses is available in the Premium plan.