Customizing the display of the contact form for the client

To display or hide certain fields of an online record for a client, check the corresponding boxes in the "Customize the display of customer contact form fields" box in the settings step # 5.

Additional fields

Additional fields allow you to store additional information in each record. In total, it is possible to create 10 additional fields, each of which can be of the type:

1) Text - a regular field for entering text;

2) Long text - a tall field for entering text, similar to standard field "Comments";

3) Number - field for entering a number;

4) Switch - select one value between several items;

5) Dropdown list - select one value from the list;

6) Checkboxes - select one and / or several items.

In fields with multiple selection (radio button, drop-down list, checkboxes) - field is available to enter the total price adjustment. So, for example, when choosing a value with a positive price - the amount will be added to the main one, negative - subtracted accordingly. For example, the "Makeup" service, the cost is 1000 rubles, an additional field "Do you need curls?" and the option "Yes" - will add to 1000r. also, for example, 500 rubles, you get 1500 rubles. cost per entry, option "No" will leave the amount as it is.

Additional fields are available in the Premium plan.