WhatsApp connection

Rubitime allows you to configure integration with the popular WhatsApp messenger in two ways:

1) When working through the service Wazzup ;
2) When working through the WEB-version of WhatsApp.

Working through Wazzup

This service allows you to open a chat window right inside Rubitime, conduct dialogues with clients, and send automatic notifications when recording or changing status. When register using our affiliate link you will receive 500 rubles. to the balance of the service as a gift and 3 days of free use.

The basic principle: you connect your work phone number to the system on which WhatsApp is installed, scan the QR code in the system, and then work with WhatsApp inside Rubitime, send automatic messages when recording in the same way as if you were doing it manually from your mobile phone from the WhatsApp application. The main condition is the constant connection of your phone to the Internet. Another option is to use a cloud phone, in this case you do not need to connect your phone to the network (the option in the service is called "Handset Hosting"). For the ability to send messages, Pro and Max tariffs are suitable. You can read more information on the service website in the "Help" section, as well as clarify all the details in the service support.


1. Register for the service (if you did not have an account before );
2. Go to the "Channels" section - & gt; "Add channel", select WhatsApp:

3. Go to the section "Integrations" - & gt; Add Integration and select API Integration:

4. Copy the received API key from step 3 and paste it into the Rubitime service in the "Profile" section - & gt; "Tariff and SMS" - & gt; "Connect WhatsApp" in the "Key" field:

5. If the connection is successful, you will see the inscription "connected", and the item "WhatsApp" will appear on the left in the navigation block:

 6. Go back to the "Integrations" section, select your created API and in the block "2. The ability to write from channels in Wazzup chats" via the "Add" button add the "Rubitime" user:

7. If you want automatic notifications of clients to be sent to the client's WhatsApp number when recording, open the "Settings" section in the Rubitime service - & gt; "Configure Customer Alerts" and check the "Send WhatsApp Alerts" checkbox, then save the settings at the bottom of the page;

8. Done! Now you can open WhatsApp by the link in the navigation block on the left, or write to a specific contact using the "write" button when viewing a client in the "Clients" section or "Recording history" when viewing an entry:

Working through the WEB version

When viewing / editing a record or customer card, if a phone number is specified, the "write" button is available. By choosing the WhatsApp option, you can send a message to the client either through the WEB version of the messenger (if you are viewing the recording from a PC), or through the mobile application (if you are viewing the recording from a mobile device) installed on your phone. Messages are sent from your phone number on which Vatsap is installed. To use the WEB version, you need to scan the QR code: https://web.whatsapp.com/

In addition sending a message via WhatsApp, you can send a message via SMS. SMS messages are sent by default on our sender's behalf, in case you have not connected your own .