Integration Yandex.Metrica

To set up analytics, you need an account in the system Yandex.Metrica (instructions for Google analytics can be found here).

1. Log in to Yandex.Metrica and click the "Add counter" button;

2. In the section that opens, specify:

- Counter name (for example: "Rubitime: record");

- Site address: copy from the 5th step of the settings of your personal Rubitime account, the "Yandex.Metrica integration" block - "Site address for Yandex.Metrica" ​​(for example:;

- Select your time zone;

- Turn on the webvisor;

- Read and accept the terms of the user agreement, click the button "Create counter";

3. Find the "Counter code" block and extract the number from it, for example:

ym(51953396, "init", {







Number - 51953396 , copy and paste it into the "Yandex.Metrica counter number" field at the 5th step of the settings in your Rubitime personal account, in the "Yandex.Metrica integration" block;

4. At the bottom, click the "Go to setting goals" button, then click the "Add goal" button, select the "JavaScript event" type and specify the target ID - record , click the Add Target button.