Client cabinet

The client's personal account allows authorization and can be used for several purposes:

1) Client authorization by phone number / Email and password, automatic filling of other fields in the form;

2) Making changes to your client card when you re-register - contact, Email, additional fields ;

3) Viewing the history of previous entries;

4) Cancellation of upcoming entries (when the "Allow cancellation of recording" option is enabled).

To enable the ability to authorize clients, you need to turn on in the 5th step of the settings in the "Rules for recording and canceling clients" section option "Allow authorization to clients" and save the settings. After enabling the option at the step of entering contact data, the client will be shown a block switch: "Enter data / Login to personal account". A link for authorization will also be displayed in the widget header, after the description. If the display of the link "Login to your personal account" in the header is not required, you can add a CSS style to the "Additional CSS / JS" section at step 5 in the "Additional CSS" block: & lt; style & gt; # front-auth {display: none;} & lt; / style & gt;

A client can log in by phone number / Email and password, while the client must have his card in the "Clients" section (the card is automatically created when the client first records). If the client does not have a password or has forgotten it, he can use the "Recover password" button in the login block of his personal account, using the "Recover password" button. When specifying Email on the password recovery page, the verification code will be sent to your Email, when specifying a phone number - to your mobile phone number. The verification code is entered at the next step of password recovery, then a new password is indicated.

The administrator can manually send the password to the client - for this, go to the "Clients" section, find the desired client and next to the Phone or Email field press the button - reset the password. The client will receive a new password at the specified address or phone number.

During the initial registration by the client - the login and password for entering will be displayed on the thank you page after the registration, as well as the username and password for access will be sent to the client, in case if the templates of notifications in the section "Configuring client notifications" are filled - & gt; "Client registration message" at step 5 of the settings.

The client can be given a direct link to enter his personal account by adding ?auth=1 to the URL, example: