Service basket / multi-order

A basket of services, also called "multi-order" - allows you to add / remove various services, according to the principle of a basket of goods in online stores and make an appointment by a client filling out the contact information form once. This setting can be enabled for Premium plan owners, at the 5th step of the settings, in the "Recording rules" section - "Enable cart mode":

When the selected service is added to the cart, its time is booked for the client and becomes unavailable for others, the entry in the control panel receives the "Advance booking" status. If for some reason the client did not fill out the contact information and did not sign up for services - if the service has a value of the "Auto Cancel" option greater than zero, the reservation will be canceled after the specified time. Likewise, if the service uses prepayment or advance booking. If the option is equal to 0, the reservation will remain in the "Advance booking" status and this record can be processed manually. If the client has added services and placed an order to the end - the records receive the standard "Recorded" status.

If the client has added at least one service to his order and returned to any of the previous steps (switched to choosing other services) - he can always go directly to the last step for registration of already added services, simply by clicking on the active item in the contacts menu.