Connect your own sender name

When receiving SMS, your clients see the sender's name by default RUBITIME.RU You can create your own sender name when sending SMS-messages to your clients and work with SMS-mailing services directly, while also having more favorable prices.

At the moment Rubitime is working with the service To create your own name, you need to register in the system, conclude an agreement and create a sender's name, providing the company with all the necessary documents, if you have not done this before.

After concluding an agreement and successfully moderating your sender's name, you need go to the section of your personal Rubitime account " Tariff and SMS", where in the tab "I want my own sender name" enter the data to connect the account to our system. Specify the sender's name or phone number, SID and Token values.

After clicking the "Save changes" button, the connection status will be displayed: if everything went well, you will see the inscription "connected", if there are problems, then "not connected". In the first case, everything is ready and you can test sending SMS, for example, by creating an entry and specifying your phone number.